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VIP High Secure Personenschutz

Driving service for high secure events

VIP Berlin is your reliable security driving service with luxury coaches as well as special certified drivers.

For especially sensitive events with the participation of high ranked politicians, ambassadors and economic board members we offer you our special high secure driving service. Such a high-caliber event with a select group of participants and an increased need for qualified and discreet chauffeur service for politicians and other high-ranking personalities is for example the G7 summit or the G8 summit. At each of these top events, organized with the highest safety precautions, important and so to be safe protected persons in limousines, or bigger groups of employees in coaches are driven to the appointment venues or the hotels.

For these events we offer you a team, which was put through its paces. All drivers are special trained for a guaranteed safe all around and comfortable passenger transportation of the participants to the destination of the G7 summit or similar events. Of course you can book our special driving service for embassies, government agencies as well as organizations and business enterprises even outside such events like the G7 or G20 summit.

Further information and proof for our high secure driving service is available on request.

Transport of the state delegation of Japan with 52 vehicles

Transport of the state delegation of Mexico with 42 vehicles